Kids are the God’s gift to us. Our offspring means everything to us. Especially if you have one child or if it is the first birthday of your first baby that will be a memorable event for not only you two as parents but your immediate family and friends. Therefore make sure you are celebrating it in a meaningful way.

 Planning a day full of fun

 Since it is a toddler’s birthday it will be attended by a lot of other little kids. Therefore make sure the premises you have booked or if it is at your house, it is kid-friendly. Remove any dangerous items; if you have pet dogs or cats lock them up for the duration of the party. Cover up swimming pools and Ponds. You can probably have an outdoor event as kids would obviously like to run around and have fun. Make a lot of space and do not try to over decorate as, again, kids won’t notice all that. Instead you can probably hire a magicianor a character well known to the kids and let them have some fun playing with them. Do not forget to buy some photo frames online to keep these memories at your house forever.

 Use do it yourself or DIY

 There are a lot of things that can be done through DIY nowadays. If you watch some video tutorials there will be lessons on how to make invitation cards, décor and even food items with examples. You can try to make the cake yourself but if you haven’t done it earlier, since this is an important event, you probably would want to outsource it to someone with a good reputation. Picking a theme at the onset itself is important. Try to avoid following every other party with cakes of cartoon characters. Ask your kid what he or she wants and you can recreate it. Only if they have no idea you can choose your own design.

 Keep the memories forever

 If you have a good camera at home it’ll be great. If not, do not hesitate to hire a photographer or at least get the help of a friend who has a professional camera. Covering a party of this importance with a phone camera will not be a good idea. At the end you will regret if you haven’t captured some precious moments of your baby. You can now get best custom picture frames done with the same theme as the party; it will add an extra special feeling and look much nicer on the fire mantel.

 Party or not, it is your kid and what is important is that they have a good time. You can even have a get-together of little cousins and friends without actually throwing an elaborate party. Also remember that love and affection are the best gifts.